REVIEW: Justice League #8

I get the feeling this would be a better creative team if they swapped jobs.

Neither the art or the writing is terrible, but for a team made up of the six most powerful beings on Earth and Aquaman the plot itself is a bit meh. On the surface a program that takes over all the technology leads to some pretty good drama and it made me like Cyborg a bit more to boot but the action beats are undermined by clumsy and stiff art and it all feels like something that will be wrapped up and forgotten about in two issues time.

There’s some genuinely nice downbeat moments, some sparkles of dialogue and it all moves OK but it all feels a bit too small or humdrum, for the most part, there’s a very cool shot in the Batcave that makes up for a lot.

Of all the things DC should be trying to emulate from the nineties Grant Morrison’s Justice League should be top of the list. That run looked at things that were epic and showed them how it was done, and I think I may be a bit spoiled by that, because not much has come close to that and it really needs to with the six most powerful beings on the planet.

And Aquaman.

Writer Bryan Hitch and artists Neil Edwards (pencils), Daniel Henriques (inks), Tony Avina (colors) and Richard Starkings and Comicraft (letters)

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