REVIEW: Justice League of America #6

Written and Drawn by: Bryan Hitch
Inks by: Daniel Henriques, Andrew Currie and Bryan Hitch
Colors by: Alex Sinclair

When Superman asks you if “That’s the best you got?” and in reply you knock him out of the Fortress of Solitude, across the frozen wastes of the arctic and then slam into him with enough force to send megatons of rubble and debris into the atmosphere… I think Clark has his answer.

In the latest installment of JLA by the ever talented Bryan Hitch, we see the league pushed to its limits thanks to the Kryptonian God Rao. Atlantis is on the verge of collapse, Olympus has been abandoned, Supes has been KO’ed, and the Flash and Green Lantern are lost in the time stream. It’s safe to say that the JLA are on the ropes.

Bryan Hitch is one of those artists that can capture action on a large-scale like no one else in the business. Two scenes in particular stand out in this issue; by adding wide-screen action in only the way Hitch can he takes two common fight scenes and elevates them to new heights. Watching Rao slam down from the heavens into Superman, shattering miles upon miles of frozen wasteland into the air, is simply breathtaking. While watching Olympus explode into the cosmos carries the same impact as one of Rao’s fists. This issue, much like the rest of Hitch’s work, is a visual feast.

I came into this book leery of yet another “God-like” being as the main villain to the Justice League. Too many times a near omnipotent opponent is the only way to expose any weakness or fault in a team that is as powerful as any deity. But Hitch proves his writing chops as he moves the story forward at a pace that keeps the readers, as well as the characters, off-balance and searching for answers. Paired with the visuals of a master at his comic creative peak and your left with a damn fine comic.

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