Well it’s better than Captain Atom even if it still carries the bloody awful Rebirth banner. If I was a cover artist I’d be round DC’s marketing department with a bat for insisting they make my cover look like a sweet sixteen party.

Anyway this is a basic A B C origin story that keeps it simple but entertaining and light. Vixen looks like she could carry her own title now they have the introductions out the way. It has problems though. Pacing for a kick off, you are led to believe she’s never used her powers before but there’s no “holy shit I’m flying” moment, she just leaps into the air and away.

The art to is pretty good but the scenes don’t feel very connected. After the opening sequence were Mari is confronted by the daughter of a kidnap victim she’s seen lounging on a couch in her massive apartment. She doesn’t seem all that arsed. This happens a few times in the book were panels don’t seem to make much sense, despite being well drawn.

So on the whole it’s rushed, but achieves its goal of setting up the character. 3.8/5

(W) Steve Orlando, Jody Houser (A) Jamal Campbell (CA) Ivan Reis, Joe Prado

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