REVIEW: Justice League United #16

Written by Jeff Parker, art by Travel Foreman, published by DC

I was bored crapless by the first few pages, waaay too much expository drivel but as the comic goes on you get a really cool science fiction number that tips its hat at Grant Morrison and has some heartfelt romance in it.

The story revolves around Adam Strange and his wife and there’s a couple of places where the story gets a bit meta’ but the lead characters keep it very grounded despite excessive use of jet packs and zeta beams. It suffers from everyone else not being needed in the issue, including Animal Man who was a draw for me and Equinox a new DC character that they launched to a flurry of complete apathy, after reading this I can see why.

The penciling style doesn’t look like it should work in the sci-fi bits but it suits the quirky nature of the story. There’s lots of variation in the character design and the layouts carry through those early pages.

The biggest crime this comic makes is not making me more interested in the Justice League United, because they’re a more interesting collection of characters than the JLA, except Equinox.

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