REVIEW: Karnak #1

G’Day Crusaders,

Dodgy86 is back in the mix, bringing you Karnak # 1 by Gestalt Comics, written by Christian Read with art by Michael Maier.

The story beings with a young couple who recently purchase a house the time comes when they move in, upon the time to settle in they notice things are a little odd.. sure, nothing a little renovations cannot fix! As time goes on, things get a bit curly… who or what happened in this house? This house becoming getting pretty freaky on a supernatural level! Who ya gonna call? Meet Richard Karnak, Paranormal Detective, that’s who.

The art by Maier, in calm panels look the comic standard. The bats#!t scenes use smeared or splashed paint effects (similar to Bill Sienkiewicz’s style) which exaggerate the horror moments and it works!! Some pages have panels of completely different art styles. The dialogue use everyday tone and not try to be funny unnecessarily and Read introduce the title character at the end of the book is very interesting method, focusing more of the theme. Karnak is witty, a little odd and loves his gadgets. The polar opposite of those he battles.

It was a surprisingly good read, very well structured and well written.. Ideal for fans of the X-Files, Supernatural, Doctor Who and Ash vs The Evil Dead, read it and you know why. Now do ya’self a favour and check it out!

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