REVIEW: Kids of the Round Table #2

STORY BY: Robert Tinnell
ART BY: Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim
Publisher: Action Lab

I love reviewing stuff I’ve never read before. Being in the UK means my options are a bit strangled, so when something like Kids of the Round Table (from here on in I’m calling it KOTRT) turns up in my Dropbox I give it a whirl.

Glad I did, this is old fashioned story telling from an up and coming company Action Lab. The plot follows our protagonist Kevin getting a visit from Merlin in his dream who pulls a Morpheus, telling him he’s the chosen one. Despite that a teenager is dreaming of old men its contemporary setting and every day hero makes it relatable and ideal for a young readership. There’s plenty for anyone who reads it, but it’s the first comic I’d give to a child in a long time. With permission from the parent or guardian first of course.

The art reminds me of the ‘straight’ strips from comics like the Beano, back when they did stories like The Leopard of Lime Street. This is a good thing, detailed but not fussy, dynamic but not in a superhero sense, the art fits the story like a tailored suit. When Kevin and co rescue someone from drowning there’s a terrific sense of urgency derived tight shots and silent panels.

The writing is like a Mackies shake, little difficult to get through through but well worth it. There’s nice dialogue with the parents that while feels a teeny weeny bit stilted, paces the comic well and rounds out the setting.

Closing with doozy of a cliffhanger  that promises a very interesting next issue this was a breath of fresh air. Action Lab needs more exposure.

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