I’ll admit it, I was showing off my true shallow-rific self by being immediately drawn to this cover. I mean, hair twins need to stick together, no matter in print or IRL.

Sarah Graley’s Kim Reaper #1 opens with a girl named Becka swooning over a fellow classmate who she happens to have a huge crush on named Kim. While trying to figure out exactly how to ask Kim and her lovely Goth booty out on a date, Becka finds herself accidentally thrown into Kim’s very odd after school job. See, Kim isn’t just a regular super fantastic Goth chick, she’s also a part-time Grim Reaper. Becka is a bubbly and optimistic lady and figures she can help Kim out because who wants their crush to get into trouble with Death, right?

Sarah Graley presents the reader with a silly and instantly hilarious tale of a crush gone funky, and the entire story is kept light-hearted and fun. Death being lighthearted, who woulda thunk-it? Kim Reaper is a lively and energetic story that caters to an assortment of readers, and it’s clear that this book had a lot of love put into it.

I love the drawing style and the personality of the characters that came through with complete ease, and was impressed that Sarah was flying solo in the entire creation of this book. The paneling is top-notch, and everything flows together into one neat little weird package. The illustration style is very current and hip, and the color pops off the page without being too distracting to the story. The heavy use of purple only helps to contrast the images, and everything is balanced and immediately indulges the reader. The cover has excellent composition and presents us with Becka and Kim sitting side by side, as opposite as possible but clearly happy.

As the story progresses, it is clear that Sarah has written a truly silly and vivacious story that is sure to throw a smile upon many faces with its sheer quirkiness. Also, there are lots of kitties, and who can go wrong with kitties? Final rating: 4.75/5

Story: 4 Stars
Artwork: 5 Stars
Colors: 5 Stars
Cover: 5 Stars

(W) Sarah Graley (A/CA) Sarah Graley

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