REVIEW: Kings Quest #4

Written by Ben Acker & Heath Corson , Art by Dan McDaid, Published by Dynamite

Knew absolutely NOTHING about this going in, looking at the cover I though it might be a nature themed fantasy thing so when the RECAP (pause for celebration) starts with MING THE MERCILESS IS DEAD I was a bit taken aback. This is Defenders of the Earth, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, The Phantom, Prince Valiant…wait what? Who cares it works, it’s fun, it’s a hair brained whirl through Ming’s palace which borrows its influence from the Flash Gordon movie to the point you can hear Queen in the background.

The art gets a bit rushed here and there but there’s some clever layouts and all the arms and legs are where they should be. It’s a nice zingy fresh style that really goes well with the subject matter.

The story has some twists in it to, not shitty Shyamalan ones just solid “tune in next episode” ones that fit the style of story this needs to be. The characters all have their own voices and I think I’ll dig up the other issues to see how these voices work together a bit more.

This is an old school, well made adventure comic, Id recommend it to anyone with a yearning for simpler times.



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