REVIEW: Kingsway West #2

Written by Greg Pak, art by Mirco Colak, published by Dark Horse

Stepping out of my comfort zone I thought I would try a shot of western, with a twist of magic and a slice of  necromancy.

At first I was into it, the romance story of uber soldier, killer type settling down with a soon to be kidnapped wife and when that inevitably happens off he goes doing what he vowed never to do again. I was into it, despite some clumsy dialogue, up until a caption that read “5 minutes ago” and made me re-read the pages again because that didn’t seem to make any sense in the sequence of events. Then RABBITS IN ARMOUR…what? Then ABRUPT SCENE CHANGE…eh?

The gear shift between scenes is so jarring you lose the thread, thinking you’ve skipped a page… The characters a lively and well crafted but there’s no establishing shots or decent pull backs to put you in the Old West. The story is good but flows like a gall stone through a ureithera. There’s some interesting ideas that don’t get any visual space to appreciate.

So yeah, hope the other issues are better because there’s something here to love but it’s very shy. 3.8/5

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