Kiss the Demon Issue 3 - Cover

REVIEW: Kiss The Demon #3

Kiss the Demon Issue 3 - CoverKISS the Demon issue 3 focuses on the heir to Blackwell Industries, Sam Jr, looking to shift the company into a different direction past farm equipment and into commodities (“Technology is our future”). Sam decides to throw a party and deliver a speech showing Blackwell’s move into mining and aerospace when he’s interrupted by a former employee who has crashed the party. Frank Worrell, who has information about the Shandi project, the development of effective, but unstable bio-engineered fertilizers, claims to have proof that Blackwell is ruining the world’s food supply. Frank eventually runs into Milo, a programmer for Blackwell, and puts doubts into his mind. The story contains a lot of twists and turns and is very effective in building tension.

The KISS connection to this issue is minor. We are shown a flashback to when Sam, Kimi, and Milo met at their first concert and ran into Gene Simmons. We also have lyrics from KISS songs leading into the story and KISS art is shown in the background at Sam Jr’s home.

Kiss the Demon Issue 3 - Flashback to their first Kiss concert.

The book’s art was good, with a somewhat cartoony style. I did enjoy the animated facial expressions and detailed scenery. The cover to this issue is fun but is only loosely connected to the story told within.

Kiss the Demon Issue 3 - Milo programming at his computer.

This is a well-written drama, but it begs the question, who is this title for? KISS fans may be slightly disappointed and the fact that it’s marketed as a KISS book may limit the audience that would appreciate the enjoyable story being told, regardless of the book’s connection to Kiss.

Overall, this is an enjoyable issue. I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars. You may be surprised at how solid of a title this, even if you aren’t a KISS fan.

Written by Amy Chu and Erik Burnham
Art by Eman Casallos
Published by Dynamite

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