REVIEW: Knight #1

This is the first offering from a young group of start-up creators. They hit the usual speed bumps that creators run into with their earlier works. The quality of the art is poor, the story is underwhelming, and their concept is contrived from other (more successful) properties. This is book is the opportunity to watch the growing pains of artists and writers as they find themselves.

The story is a mixture of the common vigilante meets a superhero version of vampirism. Trust me, not as cool as I just made it sound. A hero known as the Knight must merge with the souls of others to become a stronger/faster/tougher hero, and if this concept had been laid out and given some real thought you might have an interesting story to offer comic fans. Instead we get cookie cutter dialogue, choppy pacing, and the feeling that the writer (Guido Martinez) has not found his own voice as a creator.

The art is rough. Every character looks like they are on steroids, beefed up to the point of bursting; every muscle is bulging, veins popping out left and right. Again I point out that this obviously is an artist in the early stages of their career. Give Mauri a few years, some time to mature, a few anatomy lessons, and you’ll have a competent creator on your hands.

I also want to point out that the color was terrible. A good colorist can sometimes cover up sub-par artwork, but here it was just layers upon layers of awful.

While I applaud the attempt at getting a comic made and out to market, (No simple task) I have to roll out my tried and true words of wisdom when it comes to young Indy creators. Put in your time, money and energy to make your comic look as professional as anything else that is on the shelves today. If you really want to work in this industry show the world your absolute best every time. If your story sucks, rework it. If your art isn’t up to snuff, get a new artist or redraw it. If there is a weakness that you can see in your product then your customers/fans will see it too. Readers aren’t stupid. If your comic is good we will let you know it. But if your comic is bad… nobody is going to tell you because nobody cares enough to pick it up and read it.

Final Thoughts: Time to go back to the drawing board and try again.

Final Score: 1 Star

Knight #1
Story:  Guido Martinez
Art/Inks: Mauri
Inks: Viktor Nava
Colors: Marcus Odoms
Letters: David Herbert and Guido Martinez
Publisher: Evoluzione Publishing

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