REVIEW: Kong of Skull Island #2

Written by James Asmus, art by Carlos Magno, published by Boom Studios

Well you’re thrown straight in the deep end with a young lady, a bunch of Mosasaurs and a few gigantic gorillas. Meanwhile back at the Aztec ranch a political wedding and an impending volcanic eruption keeps things spicy. No recap, and a sense of disconnection between scenes doesn’t hold back a bloody good story and some honestly awe-inspiring giant beasty art.

There are problems, like the writing feels a bit disconnected from the art here and there, now and again there’s a bit of tell when a bit of show might have been better but there’s also a weird feeling that this lost civilization of “giant gorilla” breeders, the collective noun is apparently Kong, should have that sort of “super advanced but still wearing loin cloths” feel because I found the casually explained “selective breeding and growth treatments” a bit hard to swallow.

All that aside though this comic is jammed to the staples with plot and glorious artwork. The characters are are very much in service of the story, there’s no let up on the intrigue and the artist clearly enjoys drawing big monsters twatting fuck out of each other.

It’s a good read and if you are an open-minded Kong fan this might just be the extended universe you’ve been looking for. 4.1/5

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