REVIEW: Lady Killer #5 (of 5)

Writer: Joelle Jones, Jamie S. Rich
Artist: Joelle Jones
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: 05/13/2015

I have been looking forward to the particular issue for a while, so with such high expectations, how does the book measure up?

Josie and her gang have set up shop at the Seattle World Fair. From here they are going to try to get out from under the yolk of Mr Stenholm. What follows is a confrontation which takes its toll on both sides.

Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich series has been good fun from the outset. This issue contains all the elements that may have made you a fan from the start; maybe it’s the disconnect between Josie’s lives, the violence, the mystery of Irving or maybe it’s the stocking tops. Whichever aspect is key for you, they are all on show throughout. And here lies my main concern, after 4 issues I expected so much from the conclusion, which apart from the mystery elements of Irving and Mother Schuller, pretty much goes as you would imagine. Still, when the book looks this good should that matter? That is a question I can’t answer for you.

The quality of the script and the art remains top-notch. Jones does well with the crowd scenes and the fair to be  honest. This series has covered a multitude of environments and Jones has not faltered once. Discussing the art, I would be remiss in my duty if I didn’t mention the fantastic work by colourist Laura Allred, which has really helped the 50’s style of panache shine through.

In my mind, this is the sort of book Dark Horse excels at. As a mini series, there is enough going on to keep you entertained. As an ongoing book, it may have lost momentum as the big bad would need to be either reinvented or even worse, suffer the ignominy of being an unmovable threat. This is one way that the format of the series really helps.  Another benefit is that the surprise element of how good the era looks, may be diminished if we saw if every month.

If you can’t tell, I love this series. This issue certainly ticks the boxes, but thanks to the great work in previous issues my expectations were skylights for the most part they have been met. Bring on the next mini series!

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