Review: Lady Killer Vol 2 TP

Josie is back, doing what she does best……. selling Tupperware?

With the opening pages of this collection of the second volume of Lady Killer, Josie, the less than desperate housewife, sets the scenes of how she has managed to move on following the problems encountered at the Worlds Fair.  Josie has struck out on her own, taking jobs that match her considerable talents, none of which are house parties.  Still, it’s not long before the pressures of being your own boss start to tell, especially if you want a job doing right, you have to do it all yourself!  Still with the help or should that be hindrance of a couple of returning characters, Josie is sure to make a killing.

Since this run originally hit the racks, writer/artist Joelle Jones has transitioned into the DC fold, for a short time at least, with the Supergirl: Being Super mini series and more recently, providing the pencils for the cat fight between Selina and Talia for the heart of Bruce Wayne in the Batman book.  This volume of Lady Killer sees Jones take on the mantle of sole writer after splitting time with Jamie S. Rich on the first run.  It seems that Jones has taken the time to take on board storytelling.  The “normal” setups that Josie finds herself in add a certain gallows humour to proceedings, whether it be taking a car out for a test drive or hosting a garden party for the obnoxious neighbours and his dutiful wife.  It would be tempting to say that the main part of story, Josie striking out on her own doesn’t actually conclude; indeed in a large part, this volume feels more like a second act.  Still Jones is aware that Josie can not act with impunity and there is a cost to her devoting herself to her career, macabre as it may be.

Despites her growth as a writer, Jones strength is her art and this book only confirms her status as one of the best artists in the industry at the moment.  Her style is a great fit for a book that is aimed around the late 60’s / early 70’s era; the kitsch style on display works well in situ.  Long lines accentuate her heroine’s stature with flowing dresses, a must for the type of lady who has to get around in hurry whilst allowing freedom of movement.  The kids are precocious and the husband seems a little world weary, but content.  As a family dynamic, Jones works hard to give the multi-generation family a sense of cohesion, with each of them mainly satisfied with their lot.  The action scenes work well, within the locations used with a sense of logic  throughout .  No wild swings in here!  Well maybe the hammer in chapter one may count as one!  The colors on chapter one are provided by Laura Allred with Michelle Madsen providing the scheme for the rest of the book.  Between the two, there is no drop in quality.

The first volume of the Lady Killer series took me be complete surprise, with its murderously dark humour and honest to goodness family life setting.  At first glance, the idea did remind me of Jennifer Blood.  But where Jennifer is doing her deeds out of revenge, Josie is doing hers because it is just a job.  This volume shows that Joelle Jones is developing into as much a force of nature and her murderous literary creation.

Writing – 4.5
Art – 5 Stars
Colors – 5 Stars


Written & Art by; Joelle Jones
Colors by; Michelle Madsen & Laura Allred
Published by; Dark Horse Comics


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