REVIEW: The Last Broadcast #7

Written by Andre Sirangelo
Art by Gabriel Iumazark
Published by BOOM! Studios/Archaia Entertainment
Release date; November 19, 2014

Reunited with Backbone, Ivan must unlock the mysteries of Blackhall’s legacy to find the final glowbug and take down S.P.I. once and for all. But will the combines forces of Backnone and the Nonchalants be enough to stop Sir Arthur? Find out in the stunning conclusion to The Last Broadcast!

The Last Broadcast #7 is the final issue of this series, and I have to admit, that it left a lot to be desired. After the events and revelations of issue 6, there weren’t many places this book could go except to tie up all the lose ends and to showcase one final showdown between S.P.I and Backbone’s crew.

That’s not to say that the book isn’t good, and in fact, I ended up picking up copies of all previous issues to get the full story. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, then this last issue does offer a nice payoff for you. And therein lies the inherent problem with this issue, and ultimately, the low rating it receives – The Last Broadcast is a large sweeping story that really is meant to be read as a whole, making the series greater than the sum of its parts. The issue is very heavy on exposition and the back and forth between the past and present will definitely be jarring to all but the most perceptive readers.

The bright spot in this book continues to be Iumazark’s art which is very heavily influenced by manga style and technique. The book is simply gorgeous. Iumazark’s line work is clean, and his visual representations of the characters and urban landscapes in the book are second to none. Even if you end up picking this book up in trade and don’t care for the story, it will be worthwhile for the art alone.

While I can’t recommend this book as a standalone issue, it is a decent conclusion to an intriguing storyline. If you want to give this book a try though, I’d recommend waiting for the trade
which should be available sometime next year.

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