REVIEW: Lazarus #24

Written by Greg Rucka, art by Michael Lark, published by Image

This wants to be a TV show so much it hurts. I don’t mean I could see it as a TV show, I couldn’t really give a rats arse if something is adapted or not but it oozes desperation like that weedy kid in the football line up, it NEEDS to be picked.

It’s not a terribly interesting comic, the lead character Forever is about the most fascinating, everyone one else is just a shop dummy with a word balloon stuck to it. The pacing is slow, the dialogue is dull the action is stilted by a weird choice to use static shots, no motion effects at all, making the rhythm of the story rather staccato.

The art’s actually really nice though. Good atmosphere, interesting angles and everyone is at least visually distinctive. The design is a little mundane but well detailed and if it wasn’t for the weird action sequences it would be pretty decent storytelling.

So this is a bit like my fourth ex, a mixed bag. Maybe I just got a bit of a join the parts issue, but I doubt it.

After a quick google yeah, this being looked at for TV. Does no one just want to write comics at Image?


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