REVIEW: Lazarus Book 1

Written by: Greg Rucka
Arts and Letters by: Michael Lark
Colours by: Santi Areas
Cover by: Owen Freeman
Publication: Eric Trautman
Release Date: November 19, 2014

This Sci-Fi comic instantly throws you into a bleak future where violence is the norm and you want to know what happens, turning over each pagequickly. Blood and survival stains the heart of the story. Ammo is freely used and no character is safe. Underlining all the chaos is a small line of humor which only makes for a more intense reading.And, after the fury, you are left with an expertly crafted backstory that tempts you to go forth and read the next issue. The characters are interesting and have stories that need to be unfolded.

Experiencing Lazarus you soon realize that the juxtaposition between images and words are vital to understanding this comic. Some of the best elementsare the beautifully drawn, gritty scenes where there are just no words needed.

After reading, I reflected on what it is that makes this comic different? Most of all it is the setting – a world whichmakes me want to jump into the frames and explore it. The world is dire. The world is dark. The world is violent and regimented but overall I want to know what happens next. There is an allure that I want to explore in this world and that’s why I will keep reading.

I would recommend this comic with a scoring of 4 out of 5. The art work is crisp and the writing to the point making it mesmerizing.

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