REVIEW: Limbo #2

Story By: Dan Watters
Art By: Caspar Wijngaard

Normally, I just pick up a book, read it, think about it a bit then write the review.  With the latest issue of Limbo from Image Comics, it was recommended I read the previous issue.  Now I have prepped accordingly, I think it’s safe to say.. what the hell is going on?

Limbo features an amnesiac detective, Clay, who takes a case from a singer who witnesses the owner of the club in which she sings doing something really bad, which shows him as the big bad in the story.  Mixed up with this seemingly normal story is a bag of “what are you smoking?” with voodoo and evil spirits all making a number of appearances and impacts.

The book is the brainchild of Casper Wijngaard and Dan Watters with Wijngaard on art and Watters on writing duties. limbo 1Story wise, the book is a mix of different genres.  I understand that sometimes the result of such blended tales can be pretty good, so by saying I prefer a more logical story isn’t a negative about Watters work.  The dialogue  is solid with the various characters coming across as supportive or investigative or demonic as the story requires.

Casper Wijngaard brings the art and produces a style that suits the crazy in the book very well, with simple figure work coupled with less restrained elements, breaking the axis of the panel showing the journey that propels Clay; even with the Poltergeist reference thrown in for good measure.  The colors also give the idea of the world a distinct look that ensures that you are drawn into Limbo.

The book isn’t actually my cup of tea; still that doesn’t detract from the quality on show.  With that I’m mind, if you like your voodoo mixed with a detective story or vice versa than this could be the book for you.

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