REVIEW: Living with the Dead

Best friends and lone survivors of the Zombie apocalypse Straw and Whip have been doing everything right to survive, using disguises to walk among the dead and keeping out of sight at night, there rules have kept them both safe for years and their friendship has never wavered that is until they meet Betty, the last woman alive and now the pair won’t let something as trivial as safety or friendship stand between them and a little nookie.

I love zombies Plain and simply. Give me a book with zombies and I’m a very happy chappy, give me a zombie book with a sense of humour and I’m over the moon, this book has the gore you want and the comedy you love as these two loveable fools go from best friends to love rivals when Betty joins the gang.
The art is very nice, overly cartoony that fits the tone of this book so well, the story flies by with the 90 pages not taking very long to get through. A fluid, fast paced story from start to finish make is a neat story worthy of any collection.

If you like zombies you will enjoy this book no end! 5 stars.

Living With The Dead
Written by Mike Richardson
Art by Ben Stenbeck
Letters by Clem Robins
Published by Dark Horse Books
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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