REVIEW: Lola: Wasteland Madam #3

Vince Hernandez – Story / Siya Oum – Art / Publisher: Aspen Comics

Some people are just plain ungrateful!  Poor Lola; she comes up with a plan to save her and her friends after she shot her own aide Waylon, by teaming up with the pilot trained enemy Alton.  What is a Wasteland madam to do?

Issues three of Lola from Aspen comics doesn’t serve up resolutions to the ongoing problems for the airport refugees.  Instead writer Vince Hernandez works on the back story, this time bringing other members into the groups initial forage for survival, alongside to growing disenchantment of some of Lola’s group towards their leader.

Hernandez is applying layer upon layer into what is essentially a back story.  Yes there is a current crisis to resolve put those that forget the past or don’t learn from it, are said to repeat it.  With the need to trust Alton, there is a definite rock to Lola of following him again.  On first glance, the books looks words and heavy going and if you haven’t picked up previous issues you may feel a little lost.  But give the book a chance.  The dialogue is good, with characters coming across as belligerent (some of the group), resigned (Lola to some extent) and charming (Alton).

As good as the writing is, Siya Oum’s art is the main strength of the book. Oum manages to coral a cartoony style, not to dissimilar from J Scott Campbell at least facially, via fantastic use of color, into a more mature looking book.  Also helping to feel of the book is the panel styles, which do vary in layout with the actual number of panels.  Its a credit to both Oum and letterer Josh Reed that the book feels verbose without the need for filling a huge panel with both art and words, distracting the eye.

Lola is an engaging read.  “End of the World” stories seem to still be in vogue, across different mediums, all with a similar the inhumanity of humanity feel.  It would be easy to let a quality book like Lola slip through the net.  That would be a loss, as despite this issue being mid-story, the quality of the book would entice me to go back and pick up the earlier issues.

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