STORY BY: Siya Oum
ART BY: Siya Oum
COVER BY: Siya Oum, Paolo Pantalena
PUBLISHER: Aspen Comics
RELEASE DATE: Mar 11th, 2015

The concluding chapter of this books sees all the various threads pulled together, with the beginnings of the next adventure.

The first thing I noticed was the art especially the flash back element.  In fact, the art is great throughout catering the changing locations with relative ease.  The characters expressions themselves both facially and the losses use help propel the reader through the book.  There are a few “catch your breath” moments thrown in to help spread out the consistent action pieces.

Here then is the only pro I have: the action is thick and fast, which I guess it had to as it the concluding part, but it does get a little confusing. It’s the sort of thing that can occur when the write and the artist are one in the same.  The love that Oum has for the character is evident in every page but could be seen as over indulgence.

Script wise, it moves along quite well, the dialogue sounds believable with the exception of of clear lift from a Barman movie. You don’t need me to tell you which, you will spot it a mile off and is jarring in it obviousness.

So overall, the book looks great and reads well, with high production values. If the conclusion is a truffle confusing, I would recommend checking out the previous issues.  You will be in for a visual treat.


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