Review: Loot Crate March Edition 2017

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Loot Crate’s March 2017 installment. Get ready to file your nails intensely to turn them into deadly talons, work on that frightening roar of your’s and sharpen your teeth as you need to get ready for our beastly Loot Crate theme which is Primal! This crate allows its fans to unleash their inner beast with contents such as Wolverine, Overwatch, Jurassic World and Predator.

“Yo Dodgy, you know March is almost over?” I know but being on the ass-end of the world is an arse when is comes to delivery! Spoiler Alert, don’t read until you get your own!

For this crate, I enjoyed its contents a lot better than previous crates and I will showcase the contents.

There are these kickass 100% diecast metal Wolverine figures by Jada Toys. There are 3 variant styles in each crate, Logan (with brown hair), Old Man Logan and Raw Adamantium Logan. In the Loot Crate program, they reference the three figures into Marvel continuity.

My metallic ‘Adamantium Logan’ inspired from Death of Wolverine storyline.

A piece of Jarassic World for this beast theme, made by Factory Entertainmant is a nice sign to put up in any man cave!

I will put up this warning sign on my front door to scare off door knockers and neighbors!

For fans of Overwatch and Primal Rage games, here is a nice Winston Tee for gaming enthusiasts and people like cool shirts.

This is a fantastic T-shirt!

Hear me Roar, Grrrrr!!!….

Look out for the Scratched Smiley Face Pin for this themed crate. Also for Predator, look at this bottle opener, there is also a masked Predator version.

With a cool bottle opener like this, now I feel mighty thirsty!!

Remember, dont throw away the box!
And build yourself an epic dinosaur.

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