Review: Manchester Unbreakable- A Fundraiser Anthology

Back in May 2017, at a Ariana Grande concert, attended by countless kids and families, tragedy struck in the guise of faceless terrorists, who looked to shock the world and decry the freedoms by which we all live.  Manchester took the brunt that night, as it has many times in various terrorist attacks before.  But the freedoms we enjoy, the people with whom we share them, like the place of this heinous attack itself, Manchester, stand unbreakable.

The guys from Evil Kat Comix have gathered a group of talented indie writers and artist to produce this anthology book, which is raising funds for people affected by this attack.  Still, lets not forget that over the last year,we have seen terrorists attacks from across the world.  As such, whilst there are distinct parallels to that night in Manchester, the guys from Evil Kat take the time to recognise loss from across the board.

The first couple of stories are definitely Britain based, with Destiny, NY in Another Life by Grimm Fairy Tale alumni Pat Shand (w), Joel Ojeda (a) and Jim Campbell (l) focussing on the aftermath of the concert.  Rule Britannia by Erick Palicki (w), Mark Stegbauer (a) and Josh Southall (l) give a more historical viewpoint in Britain’s stand against terror  Both theses stories have a “Misty” feel to them, especially the first one.  Both are good stories that set the tone of the book.  Yes there is sadness, but there is always hope.

Deployed by Kim Pagnotta (w), Dan Gorman, Kitty Pierce (c) and Matt Krotzer (l) is more traditional tale of an American soldier.  Sure some of the plot may seem a tad transparent but all involved make it an engaging read.  Similarities rather than peoples differences are the topic of the next story, Lost in Translation by Mario Candelaria (w), Daniel Earls (a) and Scott Ewen (l) which  has a nice sci-fi feel to it.  Spaced Cowboy by Michael Norwitz (w), Juan McGowan, D. Houston and Nikki Sherman (l) deals with the phenomenon of alien abduction, though in  a more humane manner.  The final story Fall Down 7 Times, by Mathew Summo (w), Dan Werneck (a&c) and Josh Southhall (l) encapsulates the idea of the book, and the strength behind the city of Manchester itself; no matter how times it gets knocked down, it stand resolute.  Although  I could have done without the very obvious Spider-Man homage.

Along with the comic stories there are a host of text pieces from the likes of David Thomas, Julio Ortiz, Rob Ferreri and Cody Sousa to name a few, who show the support for this beleaguered city.

The book has been created for a great cause; I lived in Manchester for a few years ago.  I go there to the comic book marts and have family there also.  As a place, Manchester remains a second home.  The book is also a great way to check out new talent and styles, adding a variance to your comic book reading.

Stand strong.  Choose Manchester.

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