REVIEW: Manifest Destiny #26

One point down for no recap, but it’s doubly annoying is how much I wanted one. This story of monsters on the colonial frontier is well paced and compelling enough to cut through my current exhaustion.

The characters are outstanding, each with their own motivations stemming naturally from what is obviously a well thought out plot. Structurally the script is strong, never too much dialogue, it even moves a little too quick in one scene involving one of the characters visiting a local tribe for information but the art carries enough atmosphere to make up for the gear shift.

Speaking of which the thin lines and washed out colouring add much to the wintry setting and there’s some wonderful use of smoke and mist to divide up pages and help with the flow of the story. It’s a well-studied piece and doesn’t fall back on cliché designs from Hollywood’s version of the frontier.

Good stuff this, love the supernatural bent as well. 4.1/5

Story: Chris Dingess
Art / Cover: Matthew Roberts, Owen Gieni
Publisher: Image / Skybound

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