Review: Marked #3

In the previous issues of the Marked, there is a mystical school for people with magical talents, called “the Marked”, who have a special mission to rise up in times of despair and to bring light to the darkness by using their Glyphs that have been tattooed on their bodies.  Under the Guardianship of the head mistress, Mavin, the school of the Marked has managed to be a secret for hundreds of years, until a girl named Liza, convinces Saskia to experiment with hybrid glyphs leading to repercussions that puts them in the purview of a governmental organization called Stargate .

In the current issue of the Marked #2, Liza had been expelled from the school of the Marked.  She she was then introduced to General Vance Burmann, commander Stargate, a classified Department of Defense program whose mission is to investigate the occult. For the last 20 years they haven’t found anything until Liza falls into their laps.  The director of Stargate convinces her to help them advance the program for tactical use. She was given access to some of the magic artifacts that look like orbs that Stargate had been using to conduct its research. Liza can only take the program so far by herself so she kidnapped Benis her mentor.

In the current issue the Marked #3, General Burman shows Liza Nazi era film footage that reveals the one of the orbs is called the The Machtspahre.  The Sphere of Power, formerly held by the Nazis.  When activated it emits the symbol of Ra, an Egyptian god of the Sun.  As part of  Stargate initiative the Machtspahre was worked on by the scientist of the US government , but they couldn’t get it to work.  Now Liza is working with them and with new funding it will now be called Shadowgate. Its new mission will be the transference of the Glyphs to human subjects in order to imbue them with Paranormal Powers, now called Combat Glyphs.  Also we get introduced to a mysterious group called the Shangen, a trio of magicians who monitor the abnormal use of magic around the world.

Drawn by Brian Haberlin, the panels continue to be incredibly detailed. The designs for the Glyphs, and the orbs continue to be impressive.

Final Verdict:  Marked #3, finally is pushing the story forward and the foretold times of despair and darkness has started to make an appearance.  The time is on the clock for Mavin and the Marked to stop it.   Which right now means even more now that we have seen so much from the side of the antagonist.

SCORE: 5 stars out 5.

The Marked #3 issue comes in two covers: the Cover A Regular is drawn by Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke; and the Cover B Variant Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke Wraparound Cover.

(W) David Hine, Brian Haberlin (A/CA) Brian Haberlin, Geirrod Van Dyke