REVIEW: Martian Manhunter #3

G’Day Earthlings,

Dodgy86 is in the mix, brining you a another review of Martian Manhunter # 3 by Rob Williams with art by Eddie Barrows and Eber Ferreira.

What happened to DC’s second favourite alien?

Where did The Martian Manhunter go?.. The Justice League are on the case to investigate J’onn’s whereabouts. Meanwhile… in the absence of The Manhunter, a resentment is brewing among fellow Martians for J’onn’s tolerance and love of earthlings. They release their Martian Maneaters to launch an attack on earth!!

What connection does an unknowing Agent Wessel have with The Martian Manhunter? It’s best to check it out for yourselves!

This book has a surprisingly decent plot by Williams, it’s dark including well paced suspense and the art by Barrows and Ferreira help tell the story. With evil monstrous villains looking for blood… a pleasantry for the least used and prolific member of the Justice League.

There’s some potential here in this story, either monthly or served in a TPB… Do Ya’self a favor and check it out!!

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