REVIEW: Martian Manhunter #5

Writer Rob Williams, Art Eddie Barrows & Eber Ferreira, Published by DC Comics

I love the Martian Manhunter which is why I haven’t read anything with him since Mandrake and Ostrander’s run.

When issue #5 popped up I wanted to know what was going on with a character I like, quite a lot as it turns out.

J’onn J’onz our eponymous hero has split his personality into numerous human looking pieces and is running from white Martians. It’s the characters and concept that carries this, the story is far from complicated but twists sufficiently to make it delightfully interesting.

The cover is quite striking, whit background with a weird mishmash character on it that represents the many facets of J’onn. It did make my inner fanboy quibble because it doesn’t look like “my Martian Manhunter” but I’m not adverse to giving that bit of my brain a slap when it gets uppity.

The art is technically strong, a very touching scene between two characters plays a lovely tune on your heart strings. The panel to panel work is a little weaker especially as there’s parts that play out with telepathic powers BUT…the facial expressions and the strength of the craftsmanship stop it from being broken.

There’s genuine affection for the material here, enough to get me reading my favourite Martian again.

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