REVIEW: Material #4

Written by Ales Kot, art by Will Tempest, published by Image

Well. I’m irritated by the lack of recap because I actually want to know what happened in the last issues. This is a strangely atmospheric little number that plays to the strengths of its creators.
There’s several down to earth, intrinsically human stories that I’m not sure are connected, but it doesn’t matter, you get the gist of each through a simple line or two in the dialogue and the really well paced art.

Will Tempest’s art is simple to look at but its consistency, clever use of flat colour and elegant story telling gives Material a lazy afternoon in Autumn sensation and brings out my inner art wanker. Art Wanker is touching himself over the subtle facial expressions and practically shoots his load over the flagrant violation of the 180 rule as well.

Ales Kot’s writing is like a Twinky with a light sprinkling of pop rocks through its creamy center. It’s mellow till it goes crack and makes you go ‘oohh’.  Never over written, he knows when to let the art tell the story. All the characters feel like they have a reason to be there and something to say. The writing makes you think and the stories are all satisfying up to a point that could have been a bit sharper if there had been a recap.

I want to know more about what’s going on in this book, it’s intensely relaxing, like a full body massage from a twenty stone geisha by candle light.

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