REVIEW: Mechanism #1

Something is missing. As a comic fan you can feel it. The industry hasn’t been the same for the last few years. Something important is gone and we all gather at conventions, at movie theaters, at our local comic shops and just look at one another with empty eyes; each of us knowing that deep down that something, that intangible, is missing from the hobby. For years, we as a readership, have grown accustom to being placed last in line in the industry. All we’ve been good for is the bottom line, I mean isn’t that how success is measured now-days?

The only thing that matters is the total sales, total gross, totally over-rated, over-hyped, bloated, market saturated piece of total horse crap that is being trotted out for us to “enjoy”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s missing from the hobby. You don’t need a master’s degree to look at the current scene and pick out the vacancy. Wanna know what’s missing kiddies?
Heart and originality. Ta-da! There it is. Right there in black and white. The magical cure-all to everything that is ailing the industry in one easy to read sentence! BOOM! Mic drop! Parade.
So how can I be so sure that these two key ingredients are what’s missing? That’s simple. I found a book that has both and it has opened my eyes. I found a title that took me back to my early days of collecting, to the days where the excitement and fun of the hobby still existed and the only stopped when the comic book in my hands ran out of panels and I had to begin the long wait till my next dose of four-color magic. But I found it. That magic is back. That thing that we have all been waiting on has finally arrived and thank the mighty comic Gods! It could not have gotten here fast enough. I have seen the future and it is amazing. I give you…

Mechanism #1

The latest offering from Top Cow goes to a place where I thought the hobby had long abandoned; the heart. You see Mechanism comes gift wrapped in familiar troupes, but therein lies the beauty of the book. At first glance it looks like any other alien or sci-fi story. But look closer. Crack open that cover and prepare to experience something you haven’t had since you were a kid; I’m talking about a real connection with a title. I’m talking about identifying with the characters… remember what that was like? When you picked up a comic because the book “spoke” to you? Remember that magic?

Mechanism is my book of the year. Hands down, game over, turn off the lights and go home, we have a winner. Sure, we’re only into the end of March, but I have been waiting for a book to hit me like this. It’s a comic like this that makes me love being a comic book fan. There I said it! I love this title. I want to marry it, I want to settle down with this title and have 2.5 kids with it, all tucked in behind a white picket fence; just a man and his comic living the American dream.

The plot is simple. In the aftermath of an alien invasion a prototype military robot is rushed into the field before it’s combat-ready, before its artificial mind has matured enough to understand chaotic human beings and the world around it. The real kicker of the story is that this mech, which is nameless, is paired with a pair of futuristic cops Minelli and Gibbons. It the this trio that takes up the main story within this issue. But that is just one of many spinning plates in this title. I really don’t want to reveal too much about the plot. This is a book that is made to be an immersive experience. You need to find your way into the plot, and the ending…Oh! The ending is so good you’re not going to be able to wait to see what happens in issue two! I won’t spoil it here, but by the time this story comes to a close you will be haunted by the final images. The reason I’m pushing this title so hard is that this is the perfect blend. The writing and art go hand in hand, it better since the same creator, Raffaele Ienco, is responsible for both. The characters are fully formed and fleshed out, no two characters come off feeling the same. The plotting and pacing are tight, as we don’t get bogged down in too many details of a new story and world. Everything clicks in perfect harmony on this title and I can’t wait to see where this comic is going next.

This has the potential to be one of the biggest releases that Image has had since The Walking Dead. There is more than enough here to fuel a TV series or a movie. This is a comic that you can be proud to hand your friends and suggest that they “Read this”. I think that the sky is the limit for Mechanism and its creator. I give this my highest score and my full endorsement.

Publisher: Top Cow/Image Comics
(W/A/CA) Raffaele Ienco

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