REVIEW: Mechanism #2

By Raffaele Ienco, published by Image/Top Cow

Bladerunner with hints of monster Apocalypse and Robocop , the remake not the original, but that’s not a bad thing.

It’s an mish mash of premises that actually blend really well together, like eggy bread/peanut butter sandwiches you don’t think they’ll work but they are in fact a taste sensation. The characters are quite likeable, especially the cop in charge of the titular Mechanism, a robot designed to fight the invading Geckoes. It gets a bit wordy here and there the editor needs to shape the dialogue a bit smoother but it never gets too heavy to read.

Ienco’s art is very effecting, you’ll spot the Bladerunner imagery easily but as it’s my favorite movie of all time I really didn’t mind. Good use of colour and composition, every now and again it stutters a bit, mainly in the action sequences but it never breaks pace.

On the whole this deserves a bit of a push from marketing, considering it’s a one man creative team I’d forgive a potential delay to iron out the minor wrinkles in this to make it truly awesome.


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