REVIEW: Medic # 5

G’Day Crusaders,

Dodgy in the mix bringing you Medic #5 by Bill Jemas, Michael Coast with art by Stan Chou (also co-writer), Andres Ponce and Marta Martinez. Cover art by Chris Ehnot, letters by Caroline Flanagan. Proudly published by Double Take.

Let’s get into it, the opening pages we have Kevin who declares himself to be the foremost expert of the Double Take universe as he introduces to us the carnage we’re introduced in the hospital which is full of injured patients that are treated by doctors and nurses who are overloaded with the sheer number of patients they are treating. Kevin also introduces us to Doctor Bricker, Registered Nurse Fran Ryan and Doctor Angela Kifo the main characters in this story – as the title of the story, it is called Medic for a reason.

For me, the last ten pages were the most interesting as I found the previous pages although it felt it tried to set the stage for the story but felt it was dragged too much. The art was clear and smooth throughout the book,I heavily respected the art within the hospital scenes as Double Take used an actual medical consultant as the procedures the doctors and nurses were performing looked real. Also I don’t think CCTV footage would be that sharp in 1966.

I was rather confused as I didn’t understand what the one pager with the solar system in the background meant. If someone can explain, please comment below. Thanks!

I cannot judge this book alone, there are 9 other books in this Double Take line up. I do feel the story is being stretched a little too much yet with the conclusion of Medic # 5 I did feel something special that I hope will shift into the next issue.

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