REVIEW: Miami Vice Remix #5

By written by Joe Casey, art by Jim Mahfood, published by Lion Forge Comics and IDW Publishing.

I remember the nineties indie comics, trying to figure out how to pronounce Rob Schrab’s second name, trying not to be the kind of geek Jhonan Vasquez wrote about, AND trying to figure out how to pronounce his name, and trying to figure out what to do with the Doug TeNapel comics I have after twitter came along. Then there’s Jim Mahfood.  Look I enjoyed his art back then and One Page Filler Man still raises a smile, but now it just looks like he’s regressed to the kind of comics you made as a kid when you should have been doing maths.

An argument could be made for stylized, nostalgic whim, but that argument would earn a slap upside the head. Yes art is subjective but bad anatomy, horrid perspective, overweight inking and terrible composition made this almost impossible to read. What made it completely impossible was Mahfood’s lettering. The creative team also pulls the annoying nineties trait of having a character pull a John Woo through the air and delivering a soliloquy before he hits the floor.

Mr. Casey, a word about swearing, it’s ‘fuck’ or ‘@#£%!’ Not ‘f*ck’ which just felt like a school boy snickering over a naughty word he was getting away with in a book report. Either swear properly or let the readers filthy mind fill in the blanks. And while we’re at it, where’s the pith you had with Deadpool? One of the rare beacons of light back in the dark ages.

The biggest crime this comic commits though is making a boring story from such an amazing idea, Miami Vice with mad voodoo magic and a hint  of sci-fi, from two creators who should be wizards at this sort of thing. Miami Vice Remix ought to be making a fireworks display appear from the Queens handbag, instead it’s pulling a three-penny bit from a child’s ear, and legging it before welfare turn up.

The nineties are clearly not the place to go on an eighties nostalgia trip.

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