REVIEW: The Mice Templar #14

Writer: Bryan J.L. Glass
Artist: Victor Santos
Colors: Serena Guerra
Letters: James H. Glass
Publisher: Image Comics

The Templar have fallen…

Long ago, the warrior brotherhood destroyed itself from within through a vicious and bloody civil war. With the collapse of the once noble Order, all night-dwelling creatures of the Shadow

Time now live in fear under a brutal rat regime who support the corrupt mouse king Icarus, determined that the valiant Templar of legend will never rise again.

I am truly digging this comic more than I initially thought I would! The story is interesting, the characters and intriguing and the art is completely refreshing. The Mice Templar is a story of the fall and survival of a great order following the aftermath of an unfortunate war that is still wreaking havok. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a “furry” theme that I could actually take seriously. The tone of this comic reminds me of the animated film “The Secret of NIHM”, where they story was centered around mice, but the plot is grim and the mood is dark. Sometimes we forget that comics don’t have to be light hearted just because they’re comics!

As I said before, the artwork is refreshing. Victor Santos and Serena Guerra do a great job making this comic stick out in all the good ways.  It’s dark and mysterious, but colorful enough to remind the reader “Lighten up, they’re just freaking mice!”. In addition, the paneling is fantastic, with great use of negative space. There are times when the artists go into a classic boxed paneled set of pages, then there are moments things hit the fan and the paneling reflects the chaos.

Here are my critiques. I’m not the biggest fan of the whole “old english/shakespearean epic poem” language, but it fits here because Bryan J.L. Glass doesn’t lay it on too thick. It’s a good balance to the story, I am just personally not a fan. Besides that, the cast is such a vast balloon! Midway through the comic, characters are still being introduced. With this issue being four volumes and fourteen issues in, it would be nice if I as the audience could focus on the story progression without new characters to distract me.

All in all, I am impressed at The Mice Templar. It’s a unique idea in an industry cluttered with mediocre art and sub-par writing.

By Tyrone


3.5 out of 5 Stars

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