REVIEW: Mickey Mouse- Shorts- Season One #4

Before I even begin with my review I have a pressing Nerd question that needs answered. It’s burning up my brain and I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight until I somehow surmise the answer to this:

Why is IDW publishing Disney comics when the Disney Corporation owns Marvel? What crucitial piece of evidence am I missing in this equation? Is it a copyright issue? Does it have to do with ownership of trademarks? Is part of the contract between Marvel and Disney written to exclude Marvel from the publishing rights to Disney characters? How did this happen? I must know!

Now with that giant mystery aside, let’s dive into what a standard comic book is designed for younger readers. There is not much depth here…you get exactly what you paid for on the cover. It’s Mickey Mouse and friends having misadventure that wrap up in about 6 pages apiece. This book is not reinventing the wheel when it comes to the format that has been tried and true when it comes to a kid friendly readership.

Where this comic does stand out is in the presentation of the art. This is an amalgamation of styles. We get a dash of the 1930’s era steamboat Willie , with a pinch of angular design from the 1970’s, and then to set it off with just enough flair we get stylized Photoshop backgrounds, the entire book when these styles meet makes the issue feel timeless.

Final Thoughts: The art is the real selling point here. Kids will enjoy the simple stories, but parents will love the artistic design.

Final Grade 3 ½ stars

Mickey Mouse- Shorts- Season One
Based on the TV Animation series by: Paul Rudish
Layouts: John Green
Dialogue Adaptation: Scott Tipton
Letters: Nicole and Travis Seitler

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