REVIEW: Micronauts #4

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) David Baldeon (CA) J. H. Williams, Published by IDW

I’ve read a lot of Transformers, the Marvel UK and IDW stuff, I know how exciting a simple toy line can be made with the application of good writing and art.

So what happened with this? I’ve heard many a good thing about the original run of Micronauts and I appreciate that this is required to go in a different direction because comic companies don’t understand that they might sell to a wider audience with a conjoined universe…but I digress. This was like watching someone play the spoons while wearing earplugs. You know it’s supposed to be impressive but you don’t know why.

It’s the origin story of the Darth Vader rip off and there’s mention of time travel with an ending that might have got me intrigued if it wasn’t that the most exciting thing to happen was my tablet dying. There you go, a comic so boring my reader fell asleep.

It’s a boring story because it’s all flashback, Darth Yawn has no arc or moment of clarity, he’s just a slab of boring villain to start with, and to end with.

The art looks like it turned up, did it’s job, no more no less and went home. There’s a couple of potentially epic moments that are presented to the reader the same way a man in a brown coat presents the number 4A sprocket to the line manager for inspection.

Slap a do not resuscitate on this.

Oh, and why do the occupants of the Microverse call it the “Microverse”? Are they aware of thee Macroverse?

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