REVIEW: Midnighter #12

With rebirth looming and so many titles ending we bid farewell to Midnighter after only 12 issues. 12 amazingly fun and action packed issues mind you. This book will be sorely missed by me for so many reasons, the art has been at a constant high throughout this run. The writing has made this character so likable, from his brake up with Apollo and journey to find out who he really is to his team up Grayson and final confrontation with the Suicide Squad this book has kept a pace many simply cannot match, each issue has unveiled a new glimmer of humanity in a character that thought he had none, having been enhanced into the perfect killing machine Midnighter has grown into a complete character that deserves to survive the rebirth of the DCU.

This final issue didn’t disappoint as Midnighter and Apollo team up with the Suicide Squad and Spyral to take down Henry Bendix and his new creation the Unified, a combination of the tech in Midnighters head with the powers of Apollo. How can they stop the combination that is essentially the best of them both. I’ve not been able to find a flaw with any issue of this one until now and that flaw is simply… It’s the last issue.

Fingers crossed for his quick return in rebirth. 5 stars and a sad farewell.

Midnighter #12
Written by Steve Orlando
Art by ACO & Hugo Petrus
Colours by Romulo Fajaroo, jr.
Letters by Tom Napolitano
Published by DC Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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