REVIEW: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Action packed and full of colour, this is as close to perfect as a cover gets. It tells you what you’re getting and looks damn good doing it.

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Quick recap, Rita created her own Power Ranger by giving Tommy Oliver the power of the Green Ranger and sent him to destroy the Power Rangers, but even with his Dragonzord the green ranger was no match for the combined might of the Rangers and their Megazord. Capturing Tommy and removing Rita’s brainwashing Tommy is now a member of the team and helps stop Rita and her monsters. Sadly he is not fully rid of Rita as she is still In His head and tying to turn him against his friends. Can Tommy fight the pull of evil or will he once again turn on his friends?
This book tells not only the origin of the Green Ranger but his transition from foe to friend.

As I said in my review for issue zero this book takes me back to the original show, re watching the episodes on Netflix this has that feel but in a more adult way without being too dark. Though I’m not a great fan of the Green Ranger this story is still an interesting one top that with some truly gorgeous artwork this book is a winner. Sadly, and this is a personal gripe, this book has 15 covers in total to collect with some being so rare that the price is ridiculous As with issue #0 the covers of the five main rangers where cover price and the green and white rangers were variants going for far too much in store and on eBay. Not being able to collect all these fantastic covers is not only a shame but a slap in the face for fans. That said that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment this book gives me as a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan.

Even though it’s about my least favourite ranger it’s still great to read and brings back great memories so for that it deserves 5 stars.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1
Written by Kyle Higgins
Illustrated by Hendry Prasetya
Colours by Matt Herms
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Covers by Goñi Montes
Published by Boom Studios
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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