Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13

Tommy and Billy are still trapped in an alternate future hunted by Tommy’s evil future self while Jason and rest of the rangers are trying to stop Rita from taking over the world. With Goldar now released from his prison to help Rita with her plan the Rangers are gonna need all the help they can get and with the Green rangers power divided between them it might not be enough.

I’m getting a little bored of telling you how much I love this book but I’ll fight through it to tell you all once again that you should be reading this book. With the release of the new movie looming, now is the perfect time to jump into this book and see just why the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are so popular and have been for over 20 years.

The art has been fantastic from issue 0 all the way to now with not a single panel being anything but gorgeous. The story has been smart and cleverly contained in the original series while feeling fresh and new all the time racing by at break neck speeds.

Not that I need to say but it’s clearly a five-star book for any MMPR fan.

Written by Kyle Higgins
Illustrated by Hendry Prasetya
Colours by Matt Herms
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Published by Boom Studios
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

Do you agree with my review or think I couldn’t be more wrong?

Comment below or find me all over the interwebs @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book or if you have any titles you think I might love or hate

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