REVIEW: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5

It’s time for an origin of the Green Ranger that you will not see it coming…


Back before Tommy was the Green Ranger Rita had another in mind, with her dragon power coin ready for a host Rita see’s a weak link in the ranks of the Rangers and goes in for the kill.

I have loved this title since issue zero and this issue makes me love even more, adding so much back story and side notes to history of the Powers Rangers we know and love from the to show this book is lifting up the mythos of MMPR to new heights.

The art has stayed gorgeous across the run and the story has been great fun with more enthuse’s on the Zords and Rita that make this book a must for any Power Rangers fan.
The only down side is the childish and terrible bulk and skull story in the back pages of each issue. I’m glad they’re not in the main book but they were always the worst part of the show and need to be taken away.

I’m loving all the variant covers, I myself am collecting the action figure covers which I think are amazing. Ignoring the bulk and skull story this whole run has been a solid 5 stars.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5
Written by Kyle Higgins
Illustrated by Hendry Prasetya
Colours by Matt Herms
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Published by Boom Studios
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics
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