Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual 2017

Inside we are treated to five tales spanning the MMPR universe including the heroes and villains we know and love. I’ll not spoil any of them but I will give a quick synopsis of each story so you know what you’ll be getting.

Search Party
Written by Kyle Higgins
Illustrated by Goñi Montes
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

This one adds a little back story to the ongoing series with the Rangers of the alternate timeline searching for Tommy after he is released from Rita’s spell.

Trini’s Vacation
Written by Tom Taylor
Illustrated by Dan Mora
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

No rest for a ranger even out of costume as Trini finds out when a meteorite lands near her family’s vacation home and Goldar arrives to collect, it’s up to the Yellow Ranger to stop him.

Forever Mighty Morphin Black
Written and Illustrated by Jamal Campbell
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Adam calls Zack from the past along with multiple ultimate versions from different timelines and dimensions to help fight an unstoppable monster.

Written by Trey Moore
Illustrated by Frazier Irving
Letters by Jim Campbell

The origin story of Rita’s master monster maker is revealed as we see Finster on his home world and how he first met the sorceress of dark magic herself Rita Repulsa.

Sabrina’s Day Out
Written Caitlin Kittredge
Illustrated by Dajung Lee
Colours by Sarah Stern
Letters by Jim Campbell

When Scorpina and Goldar are sent on a covert mission to learn more about the Rangers they decide to have a day out at a carnival and treat themselves to some well earned fun.

For my 200th review I couldn’t of gotten a better book, I’ve been a fan of this title from the start and there hasn’t been a bad issue and this is no exception, with only the first story having anything to do with what’s happening in the main title if you wanted you could skip it. But that would be a mistake because these stories are fun, interesting and even a little dark.

When it comes to annuals these days they’re not usually part of the ongoing story they just exist to get us to buy more comics, ideally an annual should be a jumping on point for new reading to get up to date on what has happen in the past year of the title. But that said this is a solid five star book.

Do you agree with my review or think I couldn’t be more wrong?

Comment below or find me all over the interwebs @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book or if you have any titles you think I might love or hate

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