REVIEW: Mighty Mouse #5: Here He Comes to Save the Day!

I love when a comic book can transport me back to my childhood and make me forget the stresses of adulthood for a while. Mighty Mouse #5 did exactly that.

The book held true to the tone of the original series, yet found a modern approach by bringing Mighty Mouse into the “real” world and acknowledging his home is a cartoon world ruled by cartoon physics.

The 5 issue mini series, written by Sholly Fisch, is the first time that Mighty Mouse has been in his own book in nearly 30 years. The story follows Mighty Mouse as he attempts to thwart an alien invasion of both worlds. He is aided by a young human boy named Joey who has the ability to affect the cartoon world with his artwork.

Joey’s revelation that the alien invaders, who of course were cats, could be fought by cartoon physics in the real world led to one of the most comical battle scenes I have ever come across in a comic book.  Seeing armed soldiers fighting cartoon alien cats with giant mallets in the final battle was worth the price of admission.

I give a lot of credit to Igor Lima, who did an outstanding job of straddling the line between a cartoon style and a more realistic style. Many artists train for years to refine one style and Igor has not only masterfully employed two in one issue, but blended them to the point that neither one looks hokey or out-of-place.

In a book like this that does have a heavy cartoon element to it the colors are extremely important and Mohan puts them to expert use creating a real sense of mood and scale.

We do get to spend a little time in Mouseville as well and are treated to some familiar faces. Oil Can Harry and Pearl Pureheart at least make cameos.

I was skeptical about bringing Mighty Mouse back into the “real” world as the character seems very tailored to a more cartoony environment. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked and worked well. In fact it made the series stand out and cross new ground.

I was disappointed to see this was the final issue as I had a lot of fun looking in on this old friend and it’s made me want to get back in touch. I just hope it doesn’t take several more decades before we get another series.

Story: 3.5
Art: 3.5
Overall Rating: 3.5

(W) Sholly Fisch (A) Igor Lima (CA) Anthony Marques, J. Bone

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