REVIEW: Mish Mash # 1 – 3

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy back in the mix bringing you Mish Mash issues 1 – 3, a compilation by Louie Joyce with various collaborators. Proudly published by Louie Joyce.

This was a Zine pick up at Kings Comics as part of Buy Indie Comic Day. Louie was present showcasing his works and I did not hesitate to pick these up. What attracted me was the color combination of the work and was intrigued to check it out.

Mish Mash # One (the burgundy cover) starts with the story The Many Harold Holts of Space and Time which is written by Ryan K. Lindsay (good friend of TeamCC) with letters by Nic J. Shaw – for those who are thinking who the f**k is Harold Holt? He was the 17th Prime Minister of Australia who disappeared at sea in 1967 and his body has never been found since… or is that the case? A surfer dude just trying to catch a break (surfer pun!) until he encounters series of crazies from an ocean king the soviet Rocketeer and only Harold Holt can make sense of it, or can he?
The things you do for milk to go along with your cereal.. The second story titled The Corner Store which Joyce is the writer/artist, tells a story of a young man who is trying to steal milk to avoid eating dry cereal for breakfast.
The final story is titled Buckets with Alex Chung again writing and letters by Troy Peteri, this is a story of two survivors on a dry planet and are in dire need of water and the only object that contain water for survival.. yes a bucket from an unlikely source.

Mish Mash # TWO the second anthology issue starts with Footsteps with Joyce as jack of all trades. The story is something of a science fiction else-world, with a young girl who travels through a sandy desert and subsequently followed based on her footsteps. What happens next will surprise you!!

The second story is Little Red with Nic J. Shaw as writer/letterer, I was mighty shocked when reading this as it starts with a cute innocent Japanese girl who witnesses her local convenience store being robbed and she intervenes because she’s a total badass!! Things go pear-shape for Yuki and if you liked Kill Bill, you will love this! Lastly, Past the Last Mountain which was discussed on Flipside Focus episode 7. Check it HERE

Mish Mash # Three, ever wondered where you’d go if you sink your head whilst taking a bath? This issue starts with just that with Wiggle Wiggle as you go on a journey into the depths of the unknown.

The second story is the preview of Astral with Alex Chung on writing duties and we are immediately thrown into war on the planet Siorlasar between humans and aliens, which the humans won or did they?

The final story is titled Bomb and rightly so, as the inhabitants are outrunning bombings by foreign invaders. Will these natives find utopia?

These books really define the creative genius of Joyce – at times asked I had to ask myself “what the hell am I reading?” Because the story was a real trip, and I appreciated it because I had no idea of what to expect next. Another key element is the versatility of the man’s work, each book included three stories and you’d almost totally believe these are done by completely three different art teams. The Corner Store (# 1) is black and white and like Footsteps (# 2) have no text which means you really need to focus and use your imagination to fathom the story which is a fantastic contrast. Wiggle Wiggle (# 3) also contains no dialogue, it really showcases Joyce’s art-style which really messes with the reader’s mind. Little Red (# 2) takes it to another level with the animated facial expressions and the high level of violence which was totally unexpected.

I really enjoyed these books and it is definitely worth a look and you will not be sorry. Do ya’self a favor and check these out!!

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