REVIEW: Miss Fury Vol 2 #2

Written by Corinna Bechko, art by Johnathan Lao, published by Dynamite

Being a fan of the Golden age and contemporary telling’s of days when all you had to worry about was your mangle getting jammed or the odd bought of polio, Miss Fury really appealed.

Miss Bechko doesn’t subject our heroine to all the standard “requirements” a female protagonist has dumped on them, male sidekick, “strong independent” agenda and so on. Miss Fury cannons through the comic never once being objectified or feeling as if any justification is needed for her actions or choices. Frank Miller should read this, it would blow his mind.

The story itself is simple enough, Miss Fury is chasing a super natural enemy and while the story does slow down in a couple of places the art strives to keep you moving along. Miss Fury also has the old comic habit of talking to herself which is a bit distracting but doesn’t ruin the experience.

The art reminds me of the old Comico comics that used washed out colours and a lot of closed line work. That’s far from a bad thing and it captures the right atmosphere for each scene. It sometimes doesn’t feel like it had to set in the forties, and while that’s not a real problem the design and architecture could be used more to build the setting, though this may happen more in other issues I’m certainly willing to find out.

So, if you miss Batwoman and enjoyed Sandman Mystery Theatre, this is for you.

Written by Corinna Sara Bechko
Art by Jonathan Lau
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
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