REVIEW: Mockingbird #1

The official Marvel blurb, for this new series featuring Mockingbird and her world states “Because YOU demanded it!”  I speak to a lot of comic fans and I have to say, one thing seems consistent is that to a person, no-one say to me “Man, I wish there was a Mockingbird book!”.  After reading this first issue, however, I would like to say thank you to whomever “you” are, for demanding such a fun read.

As first issues go, quite a lot happens across a select few locations.  Bobbi Morse, after having her life saved by ingesting a cocktail of Super Solider Serum and  Infinity Formula given to her by Nick Fury, is now under the auspicious care of S.H.I.E.L.D medical.  When her beeper goes, Bobbi has to get there, stat!  This means that we see Miss Morse’s appointments interrupt her case load, costumes and dogs included, all of which she assures us, she can explain.

Novelist Chelsea Cain is the writer tasked to giving Bobbi a life away from her portrayal on the inconsistent Agents of S.H.I.E.L.Dmockingbird show.  Cain achieves this with a monologue throughout the book that is full of wit, charm and a healthy dose of sarcasm.  Taking the snapshot approach, allows for the reader to infer that Bobbi is engaged in a number of cases without the need to actually showcase them, therefore moving the story along quickly.  Future issues are geared to showing the adventures so, I see that Bobbi will indeed be explaining things.

Newcomer  Kate Niemczyk provides the art, which has a similar feel to Marvel’s other top-notch female book, Spider-Woman. For the most part, the book looks great.  Waiting rooms  are their own particular type of torture and this element is well observed.  Niemczyk’s work seems to be a bit of a bridge, in so much as she manages to mix in the current trend of female art seen in the aforementioned  Spider-Woman book with a sassy style that matches the dialogue.  Despite the lack of variety of locations, Niemczyk does get the opportunity to add in a few guest stars along the way.  Whilst discussing the art, check out the gorgeous cover by the very talented Joelle Jones

Female led books are something that Marvel are doing extremely well at the moment, with a raft of variety from Ms. Marvel to A-Force, each one looking to carve a niche for themselves.


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