STORY BY Chelsea Cain, ART BY Joelle Jones, COLORS BY Rachelle Rosenberg, LETTERS BY VC – Joe Caramagna

I am pretty sure that this book owes its existence more to the Agents of SHIELD show than the emblazoned “50 Years of SHIELD” tag on the top of the cover.  Whatever the reason, I am pleased to see more focus on Bobbi “don’t call me Barbara” Morse, who was quite an enjoyable character over in the page of Secret Avengers.

As this issue starts, after committing one of the most heinous bedroom faux pas imaginable, Bobbi catches a newspaper story featuring someone from her past.  It’s then no more Miss Spy instead, its over to Miss CSI as she rushes off to solve the case.  And for a spoiler free review, that is pretty much it.

What makes this a fun read is the great script by Chelsea Cain who manages to add sparkle to the cynicism and disappointments of roads not taken, or in fact as seen by the bottom of page 1, disappointments of roads actually taken.  Bobbi comes across all sass and whilst confidence is not the right word, she certainly has the peace of mind that acceptance of circumstances can only bring.  Along with that, there is a level of fun, whether through the dialogue or inner monologue.

The art is by Lady Killer co-creator Joelle Jones and whilst it may not be as stylised as her previous book, Jones still creates a great looking book.  The lines appear less edgy, page structure changes to meet the scene and camera angles are used to great effect, setting each panel to maximum effect.  The style change could be to do with the idea of working on a Big 2 character that has on ongoing, even though non-costumed in this issue, look rather than her own creation which she has total control over.  Colors are supplied Rachelle Rosenberg, who has quite a lot on her plate, with the various locations and the somewhat trippy effects used through act three. Still she is more than up to the task.

I really shouldn’t have, but I found myself really liking this book.  The script made me smile and the art helped the story flow.  Looking at the book, I feel this is what Batgirl should be like.  Characters looking like adults, having adult conversations regardless of the prank pants!

If anyone is interested in Joelle Jones Lady Killer book, by all means have a look through the review section, its in there and look out for the TPB, which is due out this week.

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