REVIEW: Mono: Pacific 2.1

Mono: Pacific: 2.1
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Sergio Sandoval
Colorist: Diego Rodriguez
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Titan Comics

Mono is the ape-human hybrid agent of Great Britain, sent to carry out a secret mission of espionage against the Japanese in this title, which is set during the waning months of World War II. The lead character is dispatched to an island, scarcely even known by the Allied Powers to exist, in order to sniff out what secrets might be hiding in the advanced and remote naval base located there. Mono must overcome many obstacles, not the least of which is the mentally controlled Gorilla army that the Japanese have employed to protect their endeavors.

The story in Mono: Pacific definitely has that classic spy-thriller vibe. The monologue narration is James Bond, through and through; but the action is all Metal Gear Solid, which gives rise to an interesting and three dimensional character without ever having to be told anything about him. The blend of believable and unbelievable elements is just right, and not something that is shoved in your face until it loses its intrigue. It’s an enjoyable read that flows with a nice pace from panel to panel.

Mono’s art is equally appealing. Gritty and detail oriented, it fits the World War II setting nicely, and helps convince the reader that even the fantasy elements of this title are realistic. The color pallet is appropriately earthy, backed up by strong black shadows that help the images to pop.

All in all, Mono: Pacific, Part 1 is an enjoyable read, and one I would recommend for anyone interested in a more serious title. I’ll definitely be checking out the second half of the story myself when it comes out in May.

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