REVIEW: Monster World #2

Monster World #2
by Philip Kim, Steve Niles, Piotr Kowalski, and Dennis Calero

Check out my review for issue 1

Let’s judge this book by its cover… The detail is lovely on this one, the peaceful scene with the monstrous hand reaching to the title though simple is done very well.

When last we left off P.I. Hank Barrymore thought he was taking on a simple missing persons case, Mrs. Forrester claims her husband (horror movie studio owner Mr. Forrester) has disappeared. His investigation lead him into a tangled web of murder. Over the years several actors and stage hands have been killed or simply vanished from the set. After a quick trip to the morgue to look at the body of the latest victim, a young actress, Hank is shocked and attacked by the reanimated body of the woman and introduced to the world of monsters. What is the connection between the missing movie studio owner and the movie monsters themselves?

This issue keeps the pacing of the last, it never feels slow from one page to the next. The art is simply gorgeous, it has a beautiful early 40’s feel to it. The writing is very well done as both a horror book and more importantly a crime noire. The story is interesting and fun, it feels very easy to read which makes it a joy. Monsters, murder and a private eye with an eye for the ladies, Really what more could you want.

This is a great title and I look forward to issue three, 5 stars for this one.

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