Review: Monstro Mechanica #2

Creative team Paul Allor (Writer) and Chris Evenhuis (Artist) have formulated an interesting alternate world in Monstro Mechanica (Aftershock Comics). Their imagination brings us a world where da Vinci uses his creativity to create robotic machines to assist with the siege of Volterra. He has a young assistant named Isabel, who is tasked with scaling the walls of the fortress city to help free the city’s praetor from prison and deliver a special message to him. It’s the content of this message which makes her question the tasks she has been asked to complete.

Paul Allor, has done a nice job of character development with this story. Isabel is a strong, smart, young female lead. Up to this point she has followed orders from da Vinci, but after the events of this book, that may all be coming to an end. She has the potential to develop into a well written hero. Da Vinci, on the other hand does come across an evil genius who is hell-bent on taking down the church. Did I mention he now appointed Machiavelli as the leader of his army to lead the upcoming attack on Volterra?

I find the story easy to follow and enjoyable. There is nothing at all I can point out in the comic that didn’t achieve what it set out to do. It held my interest and was a fun read for sure. Using historical figures in works of fiction can sometimes be tricky, but this comic pulls it of without issue.

Chris Evenhuis proves to us what robots would look like, if they were made with wooden slats and iron gears. There is a quite enjoyable page spread early in the comic that shows Isabel sitting under a tree, awaiting instructions, when the robot, sitting beside her, starts to mimic her every move. The art of the relationship between these two characters really makes the book for me. It’s at times humorous, and you can see a budding loyalty between the two of them as the comic progresses. It almost reminds me of an Iron Giant type of relationship in the making.

Monstro Mechanica #2 is a fun comic that shows a lot of potential for this new series. If the creative team continues to expand on the relationships that we see in this book, I could see a nice following for the series. With fearless creativity, Monstro Mechanica shows us what a new comic series is capable of becoming.

(W) Paul Allor (A/CA) Chris Evenhuis

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