REVIEW: Monty the Dinosaur #2

This is the type of comic that little kids seem to love. Its bright colors, little words and Hey! There is a dinosaur on every page. What’s not to love about the simple and direct approach of this title? It’s not reinventing the wheel, but given its target audience is still learning to subtract single digits and not eat the glue sticks in school (Oh! now I’m hungry!) what’s wrong with simple?

Monty, as you may have guessed, is a dinosaur. (Looks to be a T-Rex) Monty gets into all kinds of trouble and hijinks with his two friends, a pair of little girls. (Who went un-named in this issue). The stories are what you would expect for younger readers. Monty wants to go to school. Hijinks ensue. Monty wants a banana, but they’re all gone. Hijinks ensue. Like I said before, simple and straight forward storytelling.

I think that it’s safe to say that Action Lab has found a kid-friendly title that can easily appeal to little ones from all walks of life. Who knows?!? Maybe Monty will take off and be the next Barney. Every generation needs a lovable dinosaur right? Good luck Monty.

Final Thought: Nice and vanilla for the kids. I like it.

Final grade: 3 stars

Story: Bob Frantz
Art: Jean Franco
Edited: Mike Exner III
Publisher: Action Labs

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