Review : Moon Knight # 16

STORY BY: Cullen Bunn
ART BY:German Peralta
Publisher: Marvel Comics

G’day Mates,

Once again your favourite Aussie Comic Geek is here to review another book, this one is pretty cool! Moon Knight #16 by Cullen Bunn with art by German Peralta and Dan Brown.

Goons wearing red visors with rocket-packs race through New York terrorising locals and kidnap their unexpected victims! Until they are intercepted by Good ‘Ol Moonie who arrives in the nick of time!! Who are these winged kidnappers?? (They are not the winged Monkeys from The Wizard of Oz if you are asking!!.. Or were they sent by the Wicked Witch?? hmmm… Okay off topic!) What do they want with these victims and what will Moon Knight learn?

Visually beautiful; From the first pages I was drawn into the story by the fantastically paced artwork by Peralta and Brown bringing Cullen’s visions to life. One issue is not enough to compliment the story, it has the “must read more” feel to it.

What is completely awesome.. Moon Knight rides in a Flying Moon-mobile and shoots Moonerangs! I hear that Moon Knight is Marvel’s version of Batman and this proves the point!

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